Online fashion retailer ASOS and its supplier Fashion-Enter Ltd are partnering with digital printing firm Kornit Digital to explore the future opportunities presented by on-demand manufacturing.

Both Asos and Fashion-Enter are implementing Kornit Presto, a single-step solution for direct-to-fabric printing. The technology will enable Fashion-Enter to rapidly deliver sampling and test-and-repeat small product runs exclusively on behalf of Asos.

These production capabilities will allow the companies to imprint designs on multiple fabrics at the push of a button, through a lower-impact production process that has zero water waste and accelerates production speeds by cutting out typical dyeing processes, Asos and Kornit Digital say.

“Adopting innovative new technologies like Kornit Presto is vital if we are to reduce the impact of fashion right across the supply chain, in line with the aims of our Fashion with Integrity programme,” says Simon Platts, responsible sourcing director at Asos. “Streamlined print and workflow means we can explore the full potential of this innovative technology, further enhance our ability to react quickly to seasonal shifts in demand, and establish more efficient, lower-impact production processes.”

Chris Govier, KDEU managing director, adds: “The future of fashion will be driven by e-commerce and a more conscientious consumer, one who demands unlimited means of self-expression and will shop only with brands that live up to their values. Kornit Digital is the technology partner for brands that want to meet those needs and work towards a more ethical textile industry through the adoption of digital, on-demand production, and we continue to invest in technologies, alliances, and education to achieve that goal.”

In Kornit’s pigment-based digital textile production capabilities and efficient workflow solutions, Fashion-Enter sees an answer for brands serving the needs of today’s consumers, while reducing inventory waste and improving supply chain management and garment quality.

“We have worked with Asos since 2008 and understand their commitment to quality, ethical production and speed-of-response fashion,” says Jenny Holloway, CEO at Fashion-Enter Ltd.

“Working collaboratively with both Asos and Kornit, FEL will develop an in-house new microfactory concept providing an innovative interconnected fashion world, which has the capacity to eliminate waste, risks, limitations, and pollutants from current outdated batch production.

“Our designer clients from our Fashion Studio services will also benefit from a fully-integrated design service with the Presto printer incorporating one-piece flow, further pushing the boundaries in the consumer’s voice for transparent speed-of-response fashion. We foresee this unique collaboration as a major step-change in fashion today creating a new ethical and sustainable fashion community.”

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