An explosion in a chemical factory in India has led to the collapse of an adjacent textile factory, killing 12 people.

The blast happened in the Sahil Enterprises factory in Ahmedabad on 28 October and led to the collapse of the adjacent Kanika Texo Fab garments factory.

According to local media reports, 12 people from the two sites died, while a further ten were injured.

A report published by The Indian Express claims the owner of Sahil Enterprises and the owners of the estate where the accident took place were arrested on Thursday (5 November).

In July, a report from Stephen Frost of the CUHK Business School in Hong Kong, in association with the GoBlu sustainability accelerator, revealed the global clothing supply chain experienced 61 fires, with India being the country worst affected.

Fires were reported in 25 countries, with eight countries reporting more than two fires. India, with nine fires for the month, accounted for 14.8% of all fires reported.

And in September, a Pakistani court ruled a garment factory fire in 2012 that killed more than 260 workers was in fact arson and not accidental as it sentenced two former political party activists to death for starting it.