Unveiled at last week’s NRF2022 – Retail’s Big Show, the patent pending Body Data NFT technology allows Bold Metrics to work with Web3 native Ethereum wallets like Coinbase and Metamask to provide a streamlined experience for shoppers buying clothes online, in-store, or in the metaverse.

“We’ve always had the vision of making body data portable, the missing link has been an open and secure standard – NFTs allow us to deliver on this vision and instantly access the Web3 ecosystem,” says Daina Burnes, co-founder and CEO.

The Bold Metrics Body Data NFT can be powered by body measurement capture methodology including Bold Metrics’ proprietary AI body modelling technology. Shoppers with a Bold Metrics Body Data NFT in their Coinbase, MetaMask or other Ethereum wallets can instantly get apparel size recommendations on websites, access in-store concierge services, and generate avatars for use in popular metaverses like Decentraland and The Sandbox. 

With companies like Nike and Adidas both stepping into the NFT space and expanding into the metaverse, Bold Metrics says it is positioning itself to play a key role in future digital transformation. 

Consumers will be able to easily create their Body Data NFT seamlessly from a phone, tablet, computer, or compatible AR/VR device and instantly provide brands, retailers, and metaverses with their detailed body measurements authenticated on the blockchain, according to the company.

Jeff Mergy, vice president of product and strategy, adds: “When we look at how products will be personalised to people in the future, we see our Body Data NFT being at the core of these experiences. That future isn’t ten years away, it’s one or two years away and for some companies, it’s happening right now.”