Dyepro X Aware combines the advanced new eco-conscious dyeing technology of Dyepro from Calik with The Movement’s traceability technology, Aware, to offer water-free indigo dyeing.

This newest denim fabric offers the most advanced sustainable and transparent option on the market, the companies say.

Where conventional indigo dyeing needs 20 litres of water per metre of fabric, Calik Denim invented an environmental friendly dyeing process that is said to not require even a single drop of water and does not generate chemical waste. It is equivalent to conventional indigo dyeing process in terms of look and colour.

Calik Denim says combining its Dyepro technology with Aware offers completely traceable low-impact dyed denim fabric.

Aware enables companies to track fibres, yarns, and the final garment through every step of the supply chain. Calik Denim carried out independent impact studies resulting in a validated EPD (Environmental Product Declaration). This impact data is being used by Aware as input of their blockchain system,

“We have worked closely with Calik Denim to make this unique collaboration happen,” says Feico van der Veen, founder and managing director of The Movement. “We experienced the dedication of the Calik team to create honest and real sustainable solutions. Therefore we are privileged to add our Aware traceability technology to their true sustainable innovations.”

The traceability technology sees a physical tracer added to the yarn which is woven into fabric which, in turn, has been waterless dyed with Dyepro technology. Aware creates a digital twin of the fabric on blockchain, including EPD impact data. As a result, every final garment made from this fabric has a unique ‘fingerprint’.

At any time in the process, this ‘fingerprint’ can be read out with a scanner to authenticate water-free dyeing. With a simple scan Aware can distinguish false material from authentic Dyepro waterless dyed fabric.

Calik Denim commits to dye all of its indigo dyed products with Dyepro technology by 2025.

Earlier this year, Calik partnered with Aware on a fully traceable capsule collection it said allows it to “guard the certification of its products.”