Cotton Australia, which is committed to promoting and encouraging responsible and sustainable cotton production, has launched a new workforce initiative to tackle the seasonal labour shortages triggered by Covid-19.

The new online service, Cotton Jobs Australia, aims to connect growers with prospective employees by posting the roles that need filling and accepting applications through a simple online form.

The new platform was developed by Cotton Australia and received funding help from Australia’s Queensland Government.

What does the new Cotton Australia workforce initiative mean for the cotton industry?

Cotton Australia CEO Adam Kay explains: “This platform will play a key role in addressing the industry’s seasonal labour shortages, which were triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Working on an Australian cotton farm is highly rewarding – with most growers paying above-Award rates and offering interesting roles with great conditions. We encourage our Cotton Australia levy-paying growers to post their job advertisements today, and we call on job seekers to visit the website regularly to discover and apply for their next exciting career opportunity.”

Cotton Australia is forecasting a crop in excess of 4.5m bales, which means its growers will be busy producing sustainable, high-quality cotton.

“That means our workforce shortages will really start to bite unless we get applicants filling the jobs that are available on-farm,” Kay adds. “We really look forward to growers fully using this new tool and seeing a flood of job seekers applying through Cotton Jobs Australia to head out on the farm and take up the roles, now and into the future, in our industry.”

Rowena-based cotton grower and Cotton Australia deputy chair, Bernie Bierhoff, says the new jobs platform is a win for growers and job seekers.

“As a grower, I am excited to have this fresh opportunity to recruit for the positions I have available on my farm. The Cotton Jobs Australia webpage is easy to use, it doesn’t take long to upload a job ad, and it’s a simple process to apply for a role.”

The Cotton Jobs Australia service features a page for growers to apply and a page for applicants to search for job roles.