Crystal Denim, the denim division of Crystal International, has launched a new line of denim featuring Noble Biomaterials’ Ionic+ technology which aims to reduce the number of home laundries by 70% during the phase of consumer care. 

The new Wash Minus- collection instils the concept of water conservation from cradle to grave, according to Crystal, which adds the new line aims to reduce water from three different phases. First, the collection adopts Second Life fabric, the recycled and circular denim fabric innovated by Crystal Denim to minimise wastage and water consumption from growing new cotton. 

In the second phase, Crystal Denim uses holistic water-efficient washing processes, meaning more than 80% of the water can be reused and recycled. By applying Ionic+ technology in the finishing stage of denim manufacturing, it aims to reduce the number of home laundries by 70% during the phase of consumer care.

“Sustainability is always at the forefront of our minds when creating new innovative products,” says Miles Lam, assistant general manager of Crystal Denim.

“By incorporating Noble’s new Ionic+ Durable antimicrobial solution, the positively charged ions are added to the denim products at the finishing stage where the odour-eliminating ionised silver allows jeans to remain clean and odour-free, reducing the need for frequent washing, helping to conserve water, energy, and natural resources, as well as reducing fabric degradation over time”.

Crystal International says it will continuously work with different industry peers to advance sustainable product development. 

The Wash Minus- collection comes after Crystal International recently announced its Net Zero 2050 vision.