General Silicones (GS), a Taiwanese manufacturer of silicone products, has announced the launch of its latest Compo-SiL (SL series) silicone vegan leather product.

The PETA-approved SL series is specially designed for manufacturers of consumer products such as bags, backpacks, shoes, wallets, belts, book bindings, and covers that are seeking vegan leather supplies with factory-applied fabric lining.

The SL series claims to be highly durable, and resistant to UV light, solvents, chemicals, and hydrolysis, making it ideal for outdoor and industrial applications and retaining its texture and shape over time.

The SL series leather surface texture selection for clients includes materials such as bovine, calf, lambskin, matte, napa and stipes. The leather fabric lining choices include cashmere wool fabric, microfibre, mom-woven fabric and others.

GS offers customisation services for clients requiring specific materials, GS customisation services modify the leather surface to meet specific needs, and colours adjusted to any Pantone colour.

For customers looking for vegan leather for in-mould decoration (IMD) and out-mould decoration (OMD), General Silicones recommends evaluating the Compo-SiL VL series vegan leather, which does not include fabric lining. The VL series provides the same flexibility of colours and textures as the SL series and has the patented Compo-SiL technology for easy adhesion during IMD/OMD mould decoration. The leather can also be enhanced on customer request to include antiviral and antibacterial properties, extra flame-retardant properties, and easy adhesion during IMD/OMD mould decoration.

A manufacturing plant has been set up in Taiwan by High Glory Footwear which produces shoes for big names such as Nike and Adidas.