Italian footwear firm Finest Shoes is preparing for international expansion with help from business cloud software to support strategic decision making, enhance visibility and boost production.

The manufacturer of the Atlantic Stars brand needed to modernise its systems and establish a foundation for future business growth following the acquisition of a majority stake in the business by private equity firm Alcedo.

Specifically it required integrated ERP (enterprise resource planning) capabilities that could support the needs of the fashion industry, and could scale as the company expands into new markets.

The footwear firm has selected Infor M3 Fashion, supported by Venistar, along with Infor Accelerator for Fashion to speed up the implementation process and establish a clear set of best practice guidelines.

“As the fashion industry globally is seeing substantial growth right now, expanding market share means addressing an increasing number of challenges and complexities,” comments Sonia Lorenzet, chairman, Finest Shoes/Atlantic Stars.

“Through our deployment of Infor we will be provided with full integration and visibility of everything from finance and administration through to stock management, production and distribution, together with business intelligence to allow us to make more informed decisions about the business. This is invaluable as we pursue our expansion plans and consolidate our brand.”

“For fashion businesses, the question as to whether to modernise systems is not so much as, but when,” comments Franco Dama, channel sales director at Infor.

“Clearly those who recognise both the opportunity and the challenges ahead, and establish the right systems to address both, will be in the best position to react to customer demand and deliver new styles which will boost revenue and brand awareness.”

Roberto Da Re, CEO at Venistar, adds: “Italian fashion and luxury businesses are seeing increasing pressure to bring new collections and styles to market faster than ever.

“To keep pace with this demand, innovate and build brands in a competitive sector, fashion businesses must continually modernize and for many, this means digitalisation.”