Performance fibre specialist The Lycra Company says Lycra Dual Comfort technology is the perfect solution for the emerging ‘new utility’ trend that blends rugged performance with tailored elegance and is designed to cater to the needs of cross-segment apparel categories; workleisure or outleisure.

Designed for ready-to-wear (RTW) and wovens, Lycra Dual Comfort technology will help transform the garment categories by providing functional performance benefits with the sustainable features that today’s consumers desire, the company notes.

It adds Lycra Dual Comfort technology is unique in that it combines comfortable stretch and cooling comfort with long-lasting shape retention. Key to the technology is the new Lycra T400 A EcoMade fibre. Created with a proprietary process, the new fibre delivers the texture and appearance of a spun yarn, offering low-impact, comfortable and versatile garments with thermal comfort.

The Lycra Company says Lycra Dual Comfort technology ensures:

  • All-day comfort: garments move with the wearer and hold their shape throughout the day
  • Cooling comfort: the technology helps keep the wearer cool and dry
  • Sustainability: Lycra T400 A EcoMade fibre contains both recycled and renewable content for reduced impact vs. virgin fibres

“Now that we’ve experienced all-day comfort, we expect versatile clothes made from sustainable fabrics that provide the freedom to embrace a casual, comfortable lifestyle,” explains Ebru Ozaydin, strategic marketing director at The Lycra Company.

“Fabrics which offer versatile solutions can take the consumer from working hybrid to running daily errands or just a stroll in the park. The term ‘new utility’ has become a buzzword for defining lightweight apparel, combining everyday practicality and urban elegance using low-impact materials.”

The Lycra Company recently became an exclusive distributor for Heiq Aeoniq yarn by making a significant, undisclosed investment and by making a commitment to develop the technology for broad application in textiles.