The first footwear offering from Lululemon is designed for female consumers, with the brand aiming to address that performance shoes are typically designed for men and then adapted for women.

The collection includes Lululemon’s debut running shoe, Blissfeel, which will be available online and in select stores across North America, Mainland China, and the United Kingdom beginning on 22 March, in addition to Chargefeel, Strongfeel and Restfeel, which will be introduced in the coming months.

“Footwear is the natural next step for us to expand and apply our long history of innovation in fit, feel and performance, and it represents an exciting moment for our brand,” says Lululemon CEO Calvin McDonald. “We are entering the footwear category the same way we built our apparel business—with products designed to solve unmet needs, made for women first.”

Through its innovation lens, the Science of Feel, Lululemon shifted the focus from being solely on the shoes to the people wearing them when developing its footwear collection. The brand says its history, and its research and understanding of how women uniquely move and want to feel, are the foundation for its approach to footwear and its vision for the category.

“We intentionally started with women first because we saw an opportunity to solve for the fact that, more often than not, performance shoes are designed for men and then adapted for women,” says Sun Choe, Lululemon’s chief product officer. “That didn’t sit well with us. Innovating for women is in Lululemon’s DNA—now we’re bringing that same expertise to footwear, and women were part of this journey every step of the way.”

Each shoe within the Lululemon footwear collection is designed to deliver a specific feeling and features different upper materials, foam compounds, construction methods and colours for the perfect balance of cushioning and support—and to help ensure a zero-distraction experience for consumers enjoying the right fit from the first trial.

The four styles launching in 2022 are:

  • Lululemon Blissfeel: A running shoe engineered with an upper that supports movement and an energy-filled underfoot foam cushioning technology.
  • Lululemon Chargefeel: A cross-training shoe designed for gym training and short runs with a dual density midsole for energy dampening and return, and an upper that provides midfoot lock down. Launching in summer.
  • Lululemon Restfeel: An elevated slide for post-workout. Launching in summer.
  • Lululemon Strongfeel: A training shoe designed for multi-directional movement that features a low profile, supportive midsole with a multi-directional outsole and an upper that locks the foot in place. Launching in autumn,

The brand’s men’s footwear collection will roll out with the same intentionality and insight-driven approach in 2023, along with special edition and seasonal collections as the brand continues to grow the category with new offerings in the future.

Lululemon revised its revenue and earnings expectations in January on the impact of the Omicron variant.