High performance and speciality yarn producer Supreme Corporation has launched a wearable tech division as part of its Volt Smart Yarns business to provides cutting-edge smart apparel and fabric.

Using its proprietary highly conductive smart yarn, Volt Wearable Tech has the ability to make any clothing a smart fabric, the company says.

“We created our new wearable tech division to provide a one-stop shopping experience for brands looking to enhance their products with the latest breakthroughs in smart technology,” says Matt Kolmes, CEO of Supreme Corp. “Together with Volt Smart Yarns, this new division enables us to further push our innovative capabilities and distinguish ourselves as a leader in the wearable technology space.”

Recent partnerships with Scout Personal GPS, Lumenus, NuCurrent, and Textile Instruments are harnessing the conductive power of Volt Smart Yarns to enable GPS and iOT clothing and fabrics, it says.

A critical component of this is providing flexible, washable capabilities for smart textiles that contain LEDs, sensors and batteries. Testing in the wearable tech R&D lab has also resulted in yarn that can provide heat to targeted areas anywhere on the fabric, a concept that had not previously been possible with heat-enabled smart apparel, according to Supreme Corp.

“The products we are creating with our partners are a reflection of our commitment to raise the bar in smart apparel and provide solutions to the obstacles that brands face when they want to complement their products with smart technology,” says Kolmes. “We are excited to share entirely new concepts of smartwear for consumers at IFAI this year.”

Ahead of the launch of the new Volt Wearable Technology division, Matt Kolmes, CEO at Supreme Corporation, earlier this year spoke to just-style about how the company’s Volt Smart Yarns has been gaining momentum in the smart fabrics industry – and some of the challenges still facing the sector in reaching its full potential: Volt Smart Yarns bridging the gap on wearables.