PrettyLittleThing says it has listened to its customers who are mindful of the life of a garment and want to be able to resell items that they no longer wear. In response, the brand has rolled out a resale marketplace app as a community platform where consumers can buy and sell items from PLT and from other brands.

“We have taken steps to simplify the resale process, encouraging more people to join the ‘PLTLoved’ movement and give items they no longer want in their wardrobe a new lease of life,” the brand says.

PrettyLittleThing customers can access MarketPlace from their existing PLT orders meaning easy functionality to upload their old PLT wardrobe straight onto the selling platform.

PrettyLittleThing strives to extend the life of garments, breathing new life into pre-loved clothing and helping to reduce waste with the impact of the environment front of mind and focusing on the ‘The 3 R’s’; re-selling, re-wearing and re-using. The aim is to make fashion more diverse, inclusive, and give customers the creative freedom to encourage others to recycle and give their garments longer life.

Phase one of the platform will include functions such as PLT existing account sync, PLT and non-PLT listings, wish lists, message centre, image recognition and text filtering, verified users and PayPal integration.

Speaking on the launch, PLT marketing director, Nicki Capstick, says: “We know now more than ever that our customers are more conscious of how they shop, therefore, we wanted to be the first fashion brand to launch a resale site with the ability to integrate the customers’ previous PLT purchases into their wardrobe as well as creating new listings and selling items from other brands.

“We’re encouraging our customers to recycle and resell unwanted garments whilst making money in return. MarketPlace has been built by our in-house development team who have incorporated our customers’ desire for best-in-class functionality that allows them to list items easily. We have had over 200 staff members constantly running internal testing ahead of launch and sharing their own experiences of using both the buying and selling features.”

Phase two of the app will include allowing users to leave reviews for sellers, subscription service, PLT store credit as a payment method and transactional push notifications.

PrettyLittleThing also plans to launch the app in the United States.

The Marketplace launch comes after PrettyLittleThing confirmed plans to launch a resale platform in the UK to Just Style in February.