Announcing its new Live On promise at this week’s Global Fashion Summit in Copenhagen, Ralph Lauren said the commitment is part of its evolved Global Citizenship & Sustainability strategy, Timeless by Design, approach to ensuring its philosophy of timelessness is embedded from inspiration through to products’ every use and re-use across generations.

The Ralph Lauren Live On promise builds on the company’s existing circularity strategy and is supported by three foundational pillars that guide initial goals:

Design for Circularity: Ralph Lauren has committed to designing its products according to circular principles by 2025, including a goal to make five iconic products (“icons”) C2C Certified. In addition, the company says it will offer high-quality products made with 100% recycled cotton.

Enable Circular Consumer Experiences: The company has committed to extend the life of its products by piloting ways for its consumers to rent, repair, and recirculate Ralph Lauren products by 2025, in select top cities.

Advance the Circular Economy: By 2025, Ralph Lauren will also invest in scaling regenerative practices – such as the US Regenerative Cotton Fund – and innovative technologies like Natural Fiber Welding, a sustainable material science startup that is scaling a new industry standard for natural fibre recycling.

The Live On promise was developed as part of Ralph Lauren’s Timeless by Design approach which is underpinned by its work to: Create with Intent, Protect the Environment and Champion Better Lives.

Through Timeless by Design, Ralph Lauren will take its philosophy of creating enduring products that are meant to be loved and worn for generations and apply it across the value chain – from how the company values the environment and champions the communities it serves from inspiration to manufacture, sale and every use and re-use across generations.

As part of the Live On announcement at the Global Fashion Summit, Ralph Lauren also revealed its iconic cashmere sweater will be the first-of-its-kind luxury Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Certified product.

Cradle to Cradle certification is the global standard for products that are safe, circular, and responsibly made. Every component of the sweater will be certified, from the cashmere fibre to its rich dyes, and label made with organic cotton.

Consumers will also have the option of recirculating their sweater for its next use through a cashmere recycling programme.

“At Ralph Lauren, we have always believed in creating things that last— that never go out of style,” says Katie Ioanilli, chief global impact and communications officer. “Today, as we unveil our Live On promise and Timeless by Design approach, we are embracing Ralph’s vision of timelessness more deeply and boldly than ever before.” 

Ralph Lauren’s C2C Certified Cashmere sweater will be available later this year.