The Sumzed acquisition is expected to enhance SML RFID’s existing RFID retail execution platform, which is called Clarity, and enable the company to expand its solution offering to its global customer base.

The SML Group describes itself as the global end-to-end RFID and brand identification solutions provider with its Clarity software being the only item-level RFID solution that is engineered and deployment-proven for vertical retailers and brand owners with stores.

Sumzed, which was founded in Alingsås and based in Gothenburg, Sweden joins SML as part of the SML Intelligent Inventory Solutions business led by Dean Frew, CTO and senior VP of RFID Solutions at SML Group.

Sumzed’s interactive cloud-based platform is said to combine content management software, hardware, and event-driven integration to improve the effectiveness of existing store labour to elevate the in-store customer experience.

Sumzed provides both non-RFID and RFID solutions, including price checker, point of information, fitting room support, call for assistance and digital signage.

SML’s Dean Frew explained: “Bringing Sumzed into the SML family exemplifies our commitment to extending our leadership in the new era of retail operations by further expanding the suite of technology for our retail customers around the world.”

He added: “We have seen unprecedented adoption by retailers of our item-level RFID solutions and this acquisition enables SML to bring elevated customer experience technology and benefits more directly to our retail customers.”

Sumzed founder, Calle Skoglöf is delighted to be part of SML. He pointed out that Sumzed and SML are both working to improve the workflow and item-level information management in the physical store.

He said: “Together we will be able to help our customers create a whole new dimension of shopping and brand engagement experience.”

In 2020, SML announced it was rolling out technology that would help fashion manufacturers manage tagged products and reduce friction within their supply chain.