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The breakthrough apparel innovations at CES 2022

10 Jan 2022 (Last Updated January 11th, 2022 13:42)

Just Style has compiled a round-up of innovations in the apparel and footwear sectors that were presented at CES 2022 in Las Vegas last week.

The breakthrough apparel innovations at CES 2022

Here is Just Style’s round-up of the innovations that could be relevant for the apparel sector in the coming months that were presented at CES 2022 in Las Vegas last week.

The apparel innovations at CES 2022

The world’s biggest tech conference, CES 2022, which concluded in Las Vegas on 7 January 2022, featured global brands showcasing everything from robotics to artificial intelligence (AI) solutions and wearable tech innovations.


Swiss Animatico has created artificial character avatars that could be used by apparel retailers to create unique customer experiences in-store or as part of wider marketing campaigns. The avatars express emotions and use non-verbal cues to communicate with users. This is made possible by artificial intelligence in combination with advanced sensing technology and visuals.


Wearable technology moves from the wrist to the finger with ‘Circular’ which is a new wearable ring that analyses bio-signals during sleep to keep track of its efficiency. It explains what parameters impact sleep and how it correlates with day-to-day living. Circular will assist users on their journey to improve it with easy-to-read insights and recommendations that can be found via its smartphone app.


The founders of iDiction explain it was launched to solve the cost problems within the apparel manufacturing industry. The team implemented technology to measure body size by AI algorithm and believe this technology can be applied to the fashion, wellness, healthcare, games, and metaverse industries.

The company has used its technology to create three solutions; a body measurement app called SizeIt, a customised clothing production automation solution called SizeDB, and a fashion recommends solution by Body Analysis called Size talk.


The Posturesense Smart Shirt by Posture 360 is described as an item of everyday apparel that can be worn while working out or as an undershirt to prevent consumers from slouching. It is ergonomically designed to gently pull back the shoulders to sit and stand straight, while activating muscles to engage the core.

A Posture Sensor is fitted into the shirt for optimal comfort and functionality. The user will connect the Posture Sensor to the Posture360 mobile app and receive gentle alerts to remind them to sit or stand straight. makes paper smart by integrating sensors, printed batteries and microchips that could be applied to the tags used on clothing within the apparel industry. It makes paper interactive by connecting it with the Internet of Things, which provides the scalability, flexibility and measurability that smart paper has to offer. At the moment it can measure temperature, humidity (both relative and absolute), shocks and tilt.


Wondercise is described as providing the world’s first wearable tracker brand that connects with its training fitness programme to allow consumers to analyse and compare their movements with the trainer as and when they train. The tracker brands allow training and battle modes for four players with supported wearables and are supported on Apple and Garmin watches.


bHaptics, which provides smart apparel that connects gaming users with their virtual world via contextually meaningful tactile feedback, has launched the TactGlove. It is a smart glove that is equipped with ten Linear Resonant Actuators (LRA) that can be individually controlled and it is compatible with camera-based hand tracking systems, such as the Meta Quest VR headset device and Ultraleap’s Leap Motion hand tracking device.

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