The Children’s Place, which believes it is important that its business contributes to a healthy planet for the benefit of future generations, has joined the ZDHC Community as a contributor.

Joining the ZDHC Foundation’s Roadmap to Zero Programme enables The Children’s Place to join with industry peers to support the implementation of sustainable chemical management practices within the fashion value chain, it says. By becoming a part of the ZDHC community, The Children’s Place intends to monitor wastewater testing and perform enhanced analyses on vendor chemical inventories to build a preferred chemicals engagement strategy.

“Our collaboration with [the] ZDHC [Foundation] is one of the steps we’re taking to promote safer manufacturing and do our part to contribute to more sustainable eco-system,” says Adrian Sherman, vice president, environment and social responsibility.

Meanwhile, European footwear retailer CCC SA has joined the ZDHC Community as a ‘friend’.  

CCC focuses on environmentally friendly production processes and efficiently uses natural resources. The company is also an active member of leading environmental associations. In 2021, it introduced the Circular Economy Roadmap, setting the direction for its circularity.

CCC has pledged to review the environmental impact of its whole supply chain by 2025 and its ambition remains to increase transparency in its supply chain – 80% of its suppliers should implement their own environmental strategies by 2030.

‍“At CCC SA, every single day we take another step towards sustainability. It is a commitment that we made in our sustainability strategy. Joining the ZDHC community is therefore a natural continuation for us of the strategic plans and changes that are already going on in our organisation. By joining this initiative, we will not only implement best practices for sustainable chemical management but also support its initiators in fulfilling their goals, the elimination of dangerous substances from the global textile, leather, and apparel as well as footwear supply chain,” says Daria Sulgostowska, head of sustainability in CCC Group.

Pakistan denim manufacturer Soorty recently joined the ZDHC Community as a contributor, while the ZDHC updated its Wastewater Guidelines to help the industry reduce the impact of wastewater last month.