The Industry We Want unveils apparel purchasing practices indicator
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The Industry We Want unveils apparel industry purchasing indicator

16 Nov 2021

Multi-stakeholder initiative The Industry We Want has announced the launch of an industry-wide indicator on purchasing practices in partnership with The Better Buying Institute’s Partnership Index.

The Industry We Want unveils apparel industry purchasing indicator

The Industry We Want’s new partnership with the Better Buying Institute on a purchasing practices indicator aims to measure progress and accelerate change within the apparel industry.

Apparel manufacturers are being encouraged to have their say by completing a short survey for the purchasing practice indicator. Brands and retailers are also being invited to share the survey with manufacturers.

Brands and retailers can subscribe to the Better Buying Institute to receive anonymous, collated feedback on their performance and all responses will be incorporated into the overall indicator.

The findings will be presented at a side event at the OECD Forum on Due Diligence in the Garment and Footwear Sector in February 2022.

The Industry We Want initiative wishes to drive industry-wide progress on key issues in the apparel sector. Its vision is an industry that realises its potential to ensure dignity for workers in decent jobs, thriving businesses along the supply chain, and a positive impact on the planet.

To realise this vision, The Industry We Want is developing a set of industry-wide indicators to measure progress year-on-year and  galvanise action.

The International Apparel Federation welcomes the launch of The Industry We Want’s (TIWW) indicator on purchasing practices in partnership with the Better Buying Institute (BBI).

The IAF shared in a press statement that it has a strong emphasis on purchasing practices through several projects and partnerships and is pleased to share the news that one of TIWW’s key indicators will focus on fair purchasing practices in the apparel sector. The indicator will be powered by the new BBI Partnership Index Survey.

The Better Buying Partnership Index survey is a short and anonymous survey of 15 questions that manufacturers are invited to complete about their brand partners. The survey is open to all manufacturers in the sector and takes five to 10 minutes to complete for each customer.

All survey answers will contribute to an overall score for the sector that will be updated year on year, regardless of whether or not brand partners are participating.

Earlier this month, Just Style revealed the results from Better Buying’s most recent Better Buying Purchase Index and revealed the first company who had decided to share its results publicly.