Top stories on just-style this week include a look at what the new Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) trade pact means for the apparel sector, and how a new textile-to-textile recycling process brings the industry closer to a closed loop for clothing. Four brands have been embroiled in allegations of worker abuse at garment supplier factories in India, and sales at US clothing retailers declined in October.

Why the new RCEP trade deal matters to apparel
Fifteen countries including China, Japan, South Korea, and Australia have formed the world’s largest trading bloc – a move that industry experts say matters significantly for textile and apparel.

A milestone in textile-to-textile polyester recycling at scale
Swedish fast-fashion brand Monki has launched the first capsule clothing collection made using a breakthrough textile-to-textile recycling process. Jenny Fagerlyn, Monki’s global sustainability director, and Erik Bang, innovation lead at H&M Foundation, tell just-style why the technology – which is being scaled up before being made widely available to the apparel industry and its supply chain – is a huge step towards a closed loop for clothing.

Brands caught in crossfire as India factory workers allege abuse
Four major brands have found themselves caught in the crossfire after allegations of worker abuse surfaced at garment supplier factories in India.

Crystal Denim launches 4Zero digital showroom
The denim division of Hong Kong based manufacturing giant Crystal International Group has launched a digital showroom to share the sustainability efforts that have gone into the production of its 4Zero jeans. 

Sales at US clothing retailers drop in October
US retail sales grew for the sixth consecutive month in October, albeit at a lower pace as consumer demand for apparel waned.