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Zara’s ‘bold’ new returns fees will inspire other fashion players to follow suit
Inditex-owned Zara has announced it is to start charging a fee for returns to drop-off points, a move experts say will create a domino effect across the fashion industry.

Myanmar state of affairs worsening, ETI warns businesses
The Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI) is urging fashion brands to refrain from making any additional investments in Myanmar, with claims the human rights situation in the country continues to deteriorate.

FABRIC Act will “thread the needle” of protecting garment workers
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has introduced the new Fashioning Accountability and Building Real Institutional Change (FABRIC) Act, which she says will reinvigorate the US garment industry, strengthen workers’ rights, drive wage growth, and promote equity.

ESSENTIAL SOURCING GUIDE: The Pakistan apparel sector
Just Style takes an in-depth look at the Pakistan apparel sector which has witnessed many advances and retreats during the last decade.

Clothing helps US retail sales weather inflation
Consumers accustomed to inflation continued to spend in April as US retail sales overcame higher prices to show both monthly and year-over-year increases, with sales at clothing stores up by 0.8% and 8% respectively, according to US Census Bureau data.