Shifting from 2D to 3D apparel product development requires new skills and ways of thinking and working – and a webinar taking place next month aims to help brands, retailers and suppliers overcome some of the challenges they face when making the move.

Organised by apparel knowledge hub Motif ahead of the launch of a new online course called ‘Why 3D,’ the webinar will look at ‘Building the foundation for successful 3D implementation.’

“It will demonstrate the value of training your teams from the outset, to equip them with a common language, the essentials, and a framework to confidently lead your 3D journey.” 

Despite promising efficiency and sustainability gains, 3D adoption and successful implementation remains slower and scarcer than the hype suggests – largely due to the lack of know-how and practical experience. To try to bridge this gap, the webinar will explore:

  • Why – Establishing your strategic reason for 3D and qualifying the business opportunity;
  • What – Ascertaining your business’ 3D readiness: Pre-requisites, scope, ROI, impact to BAU;
  • How – Mapping out your route to success: 3D partner selection and vetting, proof of concept, stakeholders, project plan and milestones;
  • Who – Bridging skill gaps with training and assembling the right project team.

Speakers will include Eryn Gregory, founder of Ergodesign Inc and Motif ‘Why 3D” lead course instructor; Idy Lee, senior vice president, Li & Fung Digital Product Centre of Excellence; and Jackie Lewis, course development director at Motif.

The event, which takes place on 4 June, is aimed at apparel mid- senior level management managing E2E processes and considering 3D; and product design, development and commercialisation functions at sourcing companies, retailers, brands and suppliers. Click here for more details and to register.