Fashion Enterprise, which is a manufacturer that specialises in the production of raw and dyed yarn, knitted and woven/denim garments, hopes its new partnership with end-to-end supply chain traceability company, FibreTrace, and third-party verified carbon-positive cotton, Good Earth Cotton, will give its customers a guarantee of authenticity and traceability.

The partnership is said to highlight the industry’s growing need to adopt more circular and sustainable business models globally and support a fully transparent and traceable supply chain that moves toward climate positive outcomes.

Plus, it aims to give customers access to Australian-grown, carbon positive and natural fibres, while guaranteeing authenticity of fibre from farm to finished garment, while maintaining a high standard of operations. This is important because Vietnam is said to be one of the world’s fastest-growing economies and one of the largest import markets for Australian cotton. In fact, the country’s textile industry is said to have continuously grown at an average rate of 17%

The Vietnam fashion manufacturer already prides itself on partnering with Vietnamese spinning and textiles mills and collaborating closely with global buyers and brands to find sustainable solutions for its supply chain, from design through to final shipment.

Fashion Enterprise CEO Rodney Thanh believes: “Good Earth Cotton and FibreTrace are the future for the fashion industry.”

He adds: “Good Earth Cotton combined with the power of FibreTrace is an indomitable tool for the global textile and fashion industry that allows brands to thoughtfully stay in control of their supply chain, whilst allowing customers to see the full journey of how their garments were made and who made them. This is true traceability and visibility.”

Good Earth Cotton is described as the earth’s first and only carbon positive and traceable cotton production, led by innovation, data and best agricultural practice. It aims to help brands feel confident about how the cotton they have purchased has been produced with the lowest environmental impact possible, actively reducing and sequestering carbon from the atmosphere.

While, FibreTrace’s physical and digital technology aims to help brands go beyond paper certification, verifying and auditing the fibre content in real-time as it moves throughout the global supply chain.