The Dasher 2 emits 10.7kg of CO2e per pair, compared to 11.3kg CO2e of the original Dasher. The reduction is driven by the lighter midsole and removal of the wool eyelet, Allbirds says.

Allbirds adds because of its natural materials and responsible sourcing techniques, the Dasher 2 has the potential to become carbon negative. The San Francisco-based company offsets the carbon footprint of all of its products to zero, making a move it says makes it a carbon-neutral business.

The Dasher 2 is powered by renewable natural materials including moisture-wicking eucalyptus tree fibre (Tencel), sugarcane (SweetFoam), and natural rubber (Forest Stewardship Council certified). Allbirds says the plusher cushioned SweetFoam mid-sole improves transition and reduces the shoe’s weight. 

The shoe has been tested by nearly 100 runners over 1,200-plus miles, has a new lug pattern for more traction, and has added reflectivity for dawn or dusk runs.

Allbirds’ original Dasher marked its entrance into the performance market in April 2020 with the launch of its first running shoe made from renewable natural material. The Dasher was also the first Allbirds product to display a physical Carbon Count label after the firm revealed plans to label all of its products with a carbon footprint, with the ultimate aim of getting shoppers “to start thinking about carbon the same way they do calories.”

Allbirds recently entered the resale market with the launch of a new programme it says is in line with its goal of reducing its per-product carbon footprint by half by the end of 2025.