in3D and Replicant believe the new sustainable virtual fitting room experience will give shoppers a more interactive and personalised form of retail therapy that will  minimise the number of returned items.

Digital fashion house Replicant has over 35 next generation cyber designers who will be given access to TRAI, the virtual fitting room app. The idea is to give retailers and brands the opportunity to upload and show garments to customers based on their body shape and size. As a result it should simulate a physical shopping experience by helping customers see how the clothes will look on their own bodies before purchasing.

Replicant’s founder Regina Turbina, who created the first digital collection for sports brand Puma, said: “It’s exciting to team up with in3D where digital clothing allows consumers to live out their fast fashion fantasies within an environment that is much more sustainable given the traditional industry’s existence of overproduction and over-consumption.”

in3D CEO and founder Dmitry Ulyanov added: “We are thrilled to partner with Replicant and align ourselves with a platform that is at the forefront of tech and digital innovation within the fashion industry.”

Customers can use the app by scanning themselves into a 360-degree 3D avatar with their mobile phone and then an identical digital twin automatically appears in the fitting room.

Users can browse and try on the digital fashion garments that Replicant has to offer and screenshot the photos to their device. Users can upload as many images as they choose and can share the looks with friends on their social media channels.

Dmitry explains the new partnership will make it easy for shoppers to navigate designers’ new collections online as they will be able to see how the clothes will look on themselves before purchasing and they can also share the images with their friends to get their valued opinions.

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