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Top Form International optimises garment costings with new digital solution

25 Nov 2021

Top Form International is replacing its existing manual processes with Coats Digital GSDCost solution in a bid to measure its manufacturing time and costs more accurately.

Top Form International, founded in 1963, produces a wide range of high-quality ladies’ intimate apparel and accessories, with a workforce of 8,000 across factories in China, Thailand and Cambodia.

“GSDCost will help us to precisely and accurately establish manufacturing standards, which will be used as a foundation for the correct standard method and time, as well as supporting realistic and sustainable production targets for our operators,” APD Prabath, group head of industrial engineering for Top Form Brassier Mfg Co Ltd, says.

Top Form International identified a need to replace its existing processes, which relied on estimates and historical data for Standard Minute Value (SMV) calculations, with digital ones. Standard Time or SMV, is the time required for a qualified worker at standard performance to perform a given operation. Since SMV forms the foundation of key business processes for a manufacturer such as line balancing, capacity calculations and production planning, it is essential to maintain SMV accuracy and consistency, the firm says.

GSDCost from Coats Digital is a digital solution that is said to optimise accurate method-time-cost benchmarks for sustainable garment cost optimisation.

GSDCost uses a scientific manufacturing method analysis process with the application of motion codes and Predetermined Time Standards (PTS), which will help Top Form accurately and consistently establish ‘Standard Time’ throughout its factories.

Top Form will use the solution to ensure its garments are designed and developed at the right price point. This will optimise margin, while ensuring fair labour costs are accurately reflected.

Stephen Dodgson, sales director of Coats Digital for South East Asia, adds: “The adoption of best practice and digitisation of key processes will play a key part in this journey and GSDCost will support the business in establishing and optimising sustainable manufacturing methods and times, supporting accurate garment costing and improving productivity.”

Phase-1 of the GSDCost training was conducted onsite at Top Form’s Product Development and R&D Centre where the team was guided through the various levels and applications of the GSDCost Predetermined Time Standard (PTS) system. The programme included a detailed analysis of the system and practical visualisation exercises, carefully structured to aid the team in the interpretation of the GSDCost codes.

This was followed by the GSDCost software training where the participants were guided through the software user interface and features, combining the GSD methodology with the speed and depth of the GSDCost solution.

Earlier this month, Just Style reported Seamless garment manufacturer Tefron was using Coats Digital’s FastReactPlan to accelerate its digitisation strategy, which includes revolutionising its planning processes and the efficiency of its supply chain.