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US apparel imports in April indicate growing importance of Pakistan
The latest figures to come from the US Office of Textiles and Apparel (OTEXA) for April reveal Pakistan is becoming an increasingly important partner to the region, now overtaking Honduras and Mexico to become its seventh-largest supplier of apparel.

Shein commits US$50m to beat textile waste
Fast fashion etailer Shein has committed US$50m over the next five years to tackle textile waste after partnering Ghanaian not-for-profit, the Or Foundation.

Financial losses loom for Sri Lanka apparel sector
Export earnings in Sri Lanka’s clothing sector for the June to August period are set to fall by 20-25%, with the sector likely to miss the US$6bn export target for the year, as the country’s political and economic crisis continues unabated.

Bangladesh garment makers count the cost of deadly fire – in money and reputation
The Bangladesh garment industry has blamed last week’s fire at the Sitakunda depot, serving the country’s major port at Chittagong, on the government and depot owners.

H&M Group winds down Treadler supply chain initiative
H&M Group is ending its Treadler initiative because the scheme has not been growing fast enough to continue.