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Specialist Software Solutions for the Fashion Industry

Coats Digital offers digital transformation solutions for the fashion industry that aim to optimise operations and promote sustainability.

Coats Digital offers high-quality digital transformation services for the fashion supply chain through sustainable technology solutions. The company’s goal is the optimisation and acceleration of business processes that range from design and development to production planning and management, as well as fabric cutting and buying optimisation and shop floor execution.

Utilised in more than 3,000 factories worldwide, Coats Digital solutions provide customers with end-to-end software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings applicable to brands as well as apparel and footwear manufacturers to improve efficiency, ease of use and sustainability in operations and performance. Through the company’s deep knowledge of the industry, businesses in the fashion sector can easily transform their key operations throughout the whole production process to maximise end results.

Coats Digital is the software business of Coats Group, a leading industrial thread manufacturer for the apparel and footwear industries.

Easy-to-use digital solutions for the fashion industry

In a world where sustainability and efficiency are top-priority goals for businesses, Coats Digital empowers its customers by aiming to make operations simple, boost performance, and, at the same time, offer sustainable improvements.

This is achieved through transformational specialist technologies that are there to deliver measurable and environmentally friendly results in enhancing operational and financial functions. The solutions support businesses to deliver on their CSR commitments.

The company connects industry expertise and technology for the fashion supply chain to achieve simplified and smooth processes. Its values permeate all Coats Digital solutions and include:

  • Drive industry change through digital transformation
  • Respect and inclusiveness
  • Freedom of operations
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Team ethic

In addition to a strong work ethic, Coats Digital provides specialist solutions that help brands, and their partners optimise and enhance their product development, as well as procedures relating to sourcing and costing while delivering complete transparency and traceability. For manufacturers, business-critical processes are transformed along the entire eco-system from plan to pack, including design and development, production planning and control, method-time-cost calculations, fabric optimisation and shop floor execution.

Enabling transparency from product design to costing and sourcing

Coats Digital solutions include offerings for better control and management of the design and development process. VisionPLM is a Product Lifecycle Management solution for design and product development, which is scalable, browser-based, and designed to integrate important business operations in a complete solution that encompasses design, materials, sampling, costing, approvals, order placing and PO tracking. This provides brands, sourcing houses and manufacturers with ‘one version of the truth’ that increases the speed and agility of a design, improving efficiencies throughout the product development process.

Another offering is the GSDCost solution for method-time-cost optimisation, which associates human motion with motion codes and standard minute values (SMVs) to set precise method-time-cost benchmarks for optimised cost calculations that reflect fair wage allowances. Customers can therefore adopt ‘International Standard Time Benchmarks’ through codes and predetermined times.

By utilising these integrated solutions, customers gain a streamlined supply chain that provides visibility into costing and sourcing that enables full accountability from initial design right through to manufacture on the shopfloor, which efficiently supports cost procedures, garment manufacturing and fairness in wages in the fashion supply chain.

Solutions for garment production

Developed specifically for fashion manufacturers, Coats Digital’s FastReactPlan is the market-leading production planning and control solution that has the potential to improve productivity by 5%-10%, without adding any people or machines. A robust and dynamic planning system provides critical path and material requirements tracking which can help to reduce bottlenecks.

Fabric planning becomes easier with technology such as FastReactFabric, which is a fabric planning solution that ties together fabric cutting and fabric buying processes into one platform. This technology offers real-time data on fabric use and fabric waste, optimising the cut plans and fabric buying quantities. FastReactFabric therefore can help fashion manufacturers considerably reduce their fabric costs which have a direct impact on their bottom line.

For the factory shop floor, Coats Digital offers Res.Q, a suite of solutions that empower teams on the production floor to increase productivity. By combining capacity planning, critical path analysis and materials management into a unified solution, apparel manufacturers can optimise production capacity and quality while reducing defects and wastage.

About Coats Digital

Coats Digital is on a mission to help the fashion supply chain evolve for the better and the only way to do this is through the digitisation of key processes along the manufacturing value chain from plan to pack. With over 1,000 customers in 55 countries and more than 25 years of fashion industry experience, Coats Digital’s industry expertise ensures that its innovative software solutions address real challenges faced by brands and fashion manufacturers. With both a global and a local presence, the company is helping to future-proof supply chains across the globe.


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