KolAi Denim, a leading online platform for denim laser design, has released an innovative update to its patent-pending AI denim laser design technology.

With the release of version 2.5, KolAi Designer now generates laser designs with multiple layers, instantly separating whiskers, thigh abrasion, and texture. This technology enables easier customisation and enhances the design’s 3D look and realism, setting a new standard for brands and manufacturers that want to create quality laser designs quickly and easily.

The update also allows laser designers to focus on refining and customising their KolAi-generated designs to meet their client’s specifications in a fraction of the time. KolAi customers report that the AI system can save up to 95% of the time taken by the traditional method of denim laser design. This increase in efficiency not only boosts the designer’s performance but also enables an eco-friendlier production process because it promotes the use of lasers.

As part of KolAi Denim’s commitment to its customers, the Multiple Layers updates are free for any active KolAi customer. According to a release, the company continually strives to enhance its system based on feedback from real-world users, giving its customers tools at the forefront of AI technology.

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