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Uyghur forced labour act goes live in the US today – a timeline of events
The Uyghur Act comes into full force today (21 June) in the US, banning the import of all goods from the Xinjiang region of China.

Funding, legislation key to keeping EU textile sector afloat
The EU Commission’s planned ‘Textile Transition Fund’ could be key to achieving a sustainable clothing and textile industry in Europe.

Why the sudden influx of apparel rental and resale programmes?
Circular business models of rental and resale are not a new phenomenon, but there has been a significant uptake of the schemes among fashion firms in recent months. But why now, and will these programmes actually help to move the needle when it comes to creating a more sustainable sector? 

ZDHC Impact Report sees positive results for fashion industry
The ZDHC Impact Report shares the progress of fashion brands, manufacturers and chemical suppliers, who have committed to ‘detoxing’ their supply chains through responsible chemical and wastewater management.

Meta to launch digital clothing store for metaverse

The owner of Facebook and Instagram, Meta, is launching a digital clothing store that will allow users to dress their avatars in the metaverse.