Here are last week’s top trending stories on Just Style:

Crystal International denim range with natural dyeing technique makes debut

The Vibrant Denim Collection by Crystal International utilises natural mineral powders to dye denim.

The circularity of apparel depends on taming billions of data points

The fashion industry is entering a new era in which consumer and regulatory interests converge, and apparel brands are beginning to change in response.

Cambodia government moves to quash fears of forced labour in garment sector

The Cambodian Government has moved to quell concerns of forced labour in its garment production sector, following calls for a probe by international trade bodies and brands.

Japan’s Toyoshima invests in US hemp fibre producer FyberX

Japanese textile producer Toyoshima & Co is investing in FyberX to support the industrial-scale US production of its regenerative hemp fibre.

Section 301 tariffs on China imports to remain in place

The US Court of International Trade (CIT) has marked its position on keeping sanctions against China in place with recommended amendments for the United States Trade Representative (USTR).

Week in Review: Tackling textile waste – the gift that keeps giving

A world in which clothing and textiles are no longer discarded and all waste is diverted from landfill and incineration feels a long way off to me.